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A Solution for Content Authors

Content authors can now put their thoughts directly on the page with Penzle Experience Editor. With easy editing features that guide in-page editing, you can build and deliver amazing content experiences in no time.

See What Your Visitors See

Penzle’s in-page editor allows content authors to see exactly what their website visitors will see, including navigation, links, and images. Now that you can see it as it will be on the live site, there’s no need to go back to the old, slow way of doing things.

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Support Multilingual and Multisite Structures

Organize your website using data tree functionality to support multilingual and multisite structures easily. With a data dree, information is organized in folders with parent/child relationships to quickly locate content when changes are needed.

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Collaboration Tools Connect Teams

Real-time collaboration and feedback tools allow teams to work together at their best. Penzle allows for simultaneous editing and in-text comments for clear and concise feedback.

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Building the Best User Experiences

Of course, you want to develop the best, most engaging user experiences with your content, which is why Penzle allows content previews for various device types. You see how the user sees it to guarantee the best response.

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