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Empowering Digital Excellence

Revolutionize the way you manage and organize digital information for maximum impact and efficiency.

Digital Assets Management

Streamline Your Digital Assets

Manage your digital assets effectively with our robust DAM system. It offers centralized storage, quick retrieval, and easy sharing, enhancing your team's productivity and asset security.

  • Centralized Asset Repository
  • Quick Search and Retrieval
  • Efficient Sharing and Distribution
  • Rights Management
  • Version Control
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Digital Assets Management

Content Hub

Content Management Made Simple

Our intuitive CMS empowers you to create, manage, and publish content with ease. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it streamlines your content processes, saving time and enhancing audience engagement.

  • Headless Architecture
  • API-First Integration
  • Multi-Platform Publishing
  • Visual Editor
  • Extensible & Customizable
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Content Hub


Find solutions for putting your ideas into action

AI Vision

AI Vision combines AI and OCR for superior image and video analysis.

  • AI-based analysis of images & videos to extract meaningful insights and patterns.
  • Face recognition technology that accurately recognizes and verifies human identities.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) for extracting text, both printed and handwritten, from images in multiple languages and styles.
  • Spatial analytics to track and interpret people's movements and presence in physical spaces.

Visual Editor

Empower content authors to shape their ideas on the page directly. Our intuitive editing tools make in-page updates fast and straightforward, enabling the quick creation of engaging content experiences.

Precision Permissions

Experience the power of granular permissions right from the entry level. We offer advanced control over editing and access rights, ensuring safe and secure management of content and assets at every user level.

Powerful API

Our API-first approach helps aggregate data, simplify workflows, save time, and connect multiple platforms. Providing content delivery across all technologies.

Powered by Penzle

Crafting a Cohesive Multimedia Narrative

Diverse content elements once posed a challenge for WaxenTech. But with Penzle's integration, every article, video, and podcast found its place, enabling WaxenTech to deliver a consistently compelling and integrated narrative to its tech-savvy audience.

60% quicker multimedia integration
2x faster video uploads
24hrs for new feedback loop
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Sep 28, 2023



Security, ease of access, and rapid content delivery are essential priorities. One of the most remarkable tools I've encountered is the visual editor for inline site editing."

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