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Penzle's headless CMS lets organizations master content, delivering seamless, secure, and superior API-driven experiences across all platforms.

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Dream it. Build it. Launch it.

Build memorable, dynamic experiences with Penzle DXP

Headless Architecture

Growth Without

Create and deliver content to any platform, using any technology stack with cloud-based headless CMS.

  • Headless CMS
  • API-First Integration
  • Extensible & Customizable Modules

Content Workflow

Your One-Stop
Content Solution

From idea to live deployment, streamline content for smooth operations and premium output.

  • Content Hub
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Role-Based Content Assignments

Content Design

Craft Quickly with Intuitive Design

Make your ideas come to life faster with our intuitive visual tools.

  • Visual Editor
  • Real-time Collaborationg
  • Adaptive Workflow Designs

The power of a single CMS

With Penzle, you can manage content, create apps, and broadcast content across multiple digital channels and devices.

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Transform your online presence with agile website content management, designed for modern businesses aiming for global reach.

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Mobile apps

With Penzle, deliver consistent content on dynamic mobile apps, optimized for both native and cross-platform experiences.

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Streamline product listings, descriptions, and reviews to optimize the shopping experience across all e-commerce channels.

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IoT Devices

Integrate content into the Internet of Things, from smart home gadgets to wearables, ensuring users stay connected and informed.

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Unified Intranet & Extranet Content

Harness the power of Penzle to drive consistent content experiences across your organization's intranet and extranet platforms.

Powered by Penzle

Social networking app allowing you to meet and connect with people nearby

Create and organize events with a new twist. Broadcast the event to everyone within a radius that is also using the app. We will help you resocialize after a tough period of the pandemic.

<1 min to create your own linkup
Connect in real world with like-minded people
5000+ concurrent users
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Save the planet by monitoring dust pollution

Ability to track dust and noise pollution levels on modern construction sites is a fundamental step towards increasing environmental impact awareness and regulation.

2 global pollution monitor manufacturers involved on project
15 min updates on monitor threshold breaches
1 min to add new monitor and connect to API
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Crafting a Cohesive Multimedia Narrative

Diverse content elements once posed a challenge for WaxenTech. But with Penzle's integration, every article, video, and podcast found its place, enabling WaxenTech to deliver a consistently compelling and integrated narrative to its tech-savvy audience.

60% quicker multimedia integration
2x faster video uploads
24hrs for new feedback loop
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