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Benefits of Multisite CMS in Modern Web Management

Learn how Multisite CMSs are revolutionizing the digital domain. Take a deep dive into the essence of Multisite CMS and learn how it simplifies managing multiple websites seamlessly.

Cloud-like digital environments represent a multi-tenant environment in the digital world.

Diving Deep into Multi-Tenancy Benefits, Architectures & CMS Impact

Dive into the world of multi-tenancy! Explore its transformative impact on modern CMS platforms and how it's shaping the future of SaaS.


Understanding ACID and Transaction Complexity

Ever been caught in the suspenseful moment of making an online payment and the internet blatantly bails on you? The dilemma of ‘Did it, didn’t it?’ sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We’re cutting through the jargon and diving deep into the pulse of online transactions.

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Navigating the CMS Landscape – Coupled, Decoupled, or Headless CMS?

In the ever-changing digital realm, businesses today face the decision of selecting between coupled, decoupled, or headless CMS systems. Dive deep into the intricacies of each, weighing their benefits and challenges.

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A comparison of on-premise, cloud, and SaaS CMS hosting

Explore the intricacies of CMS hosting. From traditional on-premise setups to innovative SaaS solutions, this guide unpacks each model's advantages, challenges, and suitability. Whether launching a website or optimizing one, navigate your hosting choices confidently.


The Microservices Dilemma: When to Implement and When to Avoid

Understand how to navigate the complex landscape of architectural choices and determine when microservices may be a good idea versus when they should be avoided.

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Essential Factors for Microservices Development

Explore the decisive factors in adopting microservices for your software projects. Analyze key performance metrics, such as deployment frequency and recovery time, to determine if microservices are feasible.

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Strategic Choices: Microservices vs. Monoliths for Architectural Success

Learn how to choose between microservices and monolithic architectures in our comprehensive guide. You'll learn about real-world applications, benefits, and challenges to help you make informed, strategic architecture decisions.

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Website with Superior Accessibility

Discover the art of creating inclusive web experiences. Dive into best practices, HTML structures, and ARIA roles to make your website truly accessible for all.

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Revolutionize Your Application with Enhanced Keyboard Accessibility

Explore key strategies to enhance keyboard accessibility in web applications. You will acquire the skills necessary to design universally navigable and inclusive user experiences.

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Optimizing Digital Accessibility Through Strategic Application of WCAG Guidelines

Today, technology is meant for everyone to use it. If your digital product is not accessibility compliant, you risk that more than one billion people cannot use it. Hundreds of billions are big business opportunity. Accessibility has become a key value in creating a digital product.

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5 Ways to Win the Digitalisation War

We’ve seen a radical shift in recent years as organizations of all types have scrambled to move their business into the digital world as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to keep up with changing consumer demands. It’s not enough to just have a good product or service these days...


How to Start With Your Application's Performance Optimization

If you want to compete with the best, your system needs to be fast and scalable. Many systems run into performance and scalability problems as they grow. How to start and what should the first step be?

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State of automation testing

For an average guy making it in IT, I’m sure you’ve barely seen a project with a budget approved for automation testing.

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Getting started with Penzle

With the help of Penzle's headless content platform, developers can use the toolkits and languages most appropriate for the project.

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Our Journey to .NET 7

The .NET 7 has been released, and with it come performance enhancements that will help your applications run faster. Whether you're new to .NET or have been using it for years, there are many great features in this release worth exploring.

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