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Keep Your Digital Assets Tidy

No one likes a messy room, and no marketer wants a disorganized library of assets. Streamline digital asset management with Penzle’s Media Manager, your intuitive, organized solution for digital asset storage.

Enterprise Asset Management

Storage Solution

Store and manage digital assets in a centralized location.


Easily share files with other users inside or outside of your organization.


Leverage AI for automated content tagging and image sourcing.

Quick Find

Easily search through large density files – including photos, layouts, artwork, video, and more.

A Centralized Solution for Asset Storage

Advanced Automation

Using AI and machine learning techniques, Penzle will tag your images and videos automatically. Quickly discover and locate existing assets using our Image Similarity ML.

Locate Items in Seconds

Using advanced filtering and folder organization, users will be able to find the assets they need quickly.

Speed Up Your Search

No need to open files to see what they are; speed your search by previewing images, videos, and more in your browser. Metadata and related content will help you narrow items quickly.

Drag and Drop Seamlessly

Simply pick up and move your files to upload, create data, and add metadata to files. Penzle made asset management so easy!

Controls Offer Peace of Mind

If you have a team of users working with your digital assets, Penzle’s tracking and versioning tools will offer peace of mind that the most current and accurate content is in use.

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Streamline Asset Management

Penzle’s custom integrated workflows allow users to download, edit and repurpose content for quick and easy compliance approvals.


It’s Time to Get Organized

Keep your digital assets in order with Penzle Media Manager.

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