Create Eye-Catching Emails

Email marketing is an easy way to get in front of potential clients and build relationships. With Penzle CMS Solutions, creating personalized email campaigns with great results is a breeze.

See Campaign Builder in Action

With our easy drag-and-drop campaign builder, you can generate an email in minutes. Prefer your own email templates? No problem. Simply paste your HTML into the platform to create engaging email content.

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Build Email Lists With Segmentation

Personalize conversations by using email segmentation to target a smaller segment of your audience with a message just for them.

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Schedule Sends For Just the Right Moment

Create your email in Penzle and schedule it for a future send, ensuring it goes out at just the right time.

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Analytics in Real-Time

How did your email perform? Analyze real-time metrics on all of your marketing campaigns using Penzle Solutions.

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