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A Centralized Platform for Multisites

Scale the construction and maintenance of multiple websites when you use Penzle CMS solutions.

Keep Your Websites Together

Who wants to manage multiple websites on a variety of different platforms? Keep your websites together and tidy using Penzle’s multisite CMS architecture.

Penzle CMS

How Many Sites Will You Have?

Websites, microsites, applications, sub-versions – how many sites will you have in the future? By 2030, the average internet user will have 15 devices! Plan for scale with Penzle.

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Why Choose a Multisite CMS Platform?

Share Templates

Easily share data templates across versions, saving you time.

Publish Content

Publish content in volume or piece-by-piece, the choice is up to you.

One Platform

Only one administrative platform to manage, no matter how many sites you build.

Deliver Personalized and Localized Experiences

Make better connections on a local level when you can deliver personalized rich text and media to website visitors.

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