Hybrid CMS: Where Headless Meets Traditional Content Management

Traditional website development processes can cause massive headaches and slowdowns for marketing teams. Your creative hands are often tied when you’re limited to available templates and editing functions. So, you’re visiting our website today in search of something new that will give you more flexibility to create reusable dynamic content and help you modernize your website technology.

Serve Personalized Experiences in Real-time

Penzle’s hybrid content management system allows for many forms of integration using public APIs. This enables you to deliver a personalized omnichannel experience across social media, e-commerce websites, IoT devices, and more to increase ROI and impact.

The hybrid CMS truly is a marketer’s tool. It allows for collaboration, creativity, and the development of personalized digital experiences at scale. Plus, you’ll save time and money with a shorter time to market.

Dynamic Content

Penzle delivers the flexibility to deliver content as you need it – in any format, location, or language.

Visual Editing

Preview changes before they go live with Penzle’s visual editor. No more having to publish – refresh – change – publish – refresh – change to see your updates.


Website developers are still welcome in Penzle’s hybrid CMS. They can add custom functionality or extensions as needed.

Get Creative

Work how you like to work and bring your most creative self to web development – Penzle CMS accepts any programming language or framework.

Bring Content to Market Faster

Stop struggling with vendor-locked solutions in traditional CMS systems, and take advantage of the agility of Penzle’s hybrid content management system to make quick and easy changes and bring them to market faster on any channel.

Reusable Content for the Win

No need to re-create the wheel each time you want to say the same thing. Penzle allows for modular content so you can reuse items across your website – a huge time-saver.

Expand Content Reach With Artificial Intelligence

Machines are getting smarter, and with artificial intelligence (AI) on your side, your content is getting smarter too. AI can save time by providing scale to personalization efforts and offering dynamic content recommendations.

Using AI to grow your content reach can improve ROI and increase efficiency.

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Controls Offer Peace of Mind

If there’s a group of users working on your website, Penzle’s workflows and versioning tools will offer peace of mind that the most current and accurate content is in use.

Collaboration Tools Connect Teams

In the modern workplace, teams are rarely together, so Penzle built communication tools into the system. Teams can collaborate using in-line commenting, annotations, or discussions.

Keep Development Moving Along

A successful project is an organized project in which team members can easily communicate task status and timelines. Use Penzle’s task management functions to keep everyone on track so you can bring your content to market more quickly.

A Folder Structure for Ease

Penzle makes site structure simple by providing the ability to build folders and parent/child relationships. This structure also supports multilingual and multisite setups, collaboration, and finding items quickly.

Ask For Help When You Need It

With the ability to limit access throughout the CMS, you can ask for help when you need it and not worry about team members or contractors accessing sensitive data. From a contributor view with a limited set of features and essential formatting functions to an unlimited administrator view, you can empower your team to work efficiently to support the project.

Form Builder

Use forms across your website to perform surveys, gather leads, or take registrations. Penzle’s form builder makes building forms a breeze.

Digital Marketing

Leverage insights and personalization capability to execute successful omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Experience Editor

See what web visitors see, as you build it. Experience Manager is a user-friendly way for content managers to contribute to the building process.

Asset Management

Locate digital asset files quickly with our organized and centralized solution to file management.

Dynamic Scaling Capabilities

Your IT experts can determine if you want to deploy your website on-premises or using the public or private cloud. Penzle can support all of these options and will ensure your ability to dynamically scale to the cloud as needed to support increased site traffic or performance demands. This auto-scaling feature is included in our subscription licenses, so no additional licensing requirements will be needed.

Penzle supports Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Docker deployments.

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Collaboration In The Hybrid World

Penzle’s headless hybrid CMS is the perfect way to bring the web developer and marketer together. Each can have their say, and work together to build an amazing, personalized digital experience that will delight your customers.

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Is Penzle Hybrid CMS Right For You?

  • Are you the digital marketing decision maker?
  • Do you understand how a hybrid CMS system can add value to your organization, and are you ready to take action?
  • Do you have internal IT leaders to assist with security and deployment questions?

If so, then we’d love to talk! We think Penzle Hybrid CMS is a great option to take digital marketing programs to the next level.

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