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This Is Omnichannel Marketing

Penzle allows marketing teams to deliver authentic omnichannel personalized experiences that will increase your results and outperform your KPIs. Build and execute effective campaigns across the web, email, social media, and more, and use insights and analytics to learn and increase engagement.

Marketing & Promotions

Campaign Management

Organize and execute cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Design and send newsletters or targeted marketing emails based on activity or client data.

Form Builder

Drag and drop form fields to insert a custom form anywhere on your website for lead generation.

Contact Management

Use customer data to build and deliver personalized experiences.

Your Key to Email Marketing

Easily Build Emails

Save time with the drag-and-drop interface of Penzle’s Email Builder. Reach global audiences and speed the process of creating effective email marketing campaigns.

Impress Your Audience

Engage your audiences with emails that speak to them. Leveraging Penzle’s email personalization functions, you can target more effectively and increase your sales conversions.

Knowledge Is Power

Get to know your audience and improve your marketing campaign’s performance. Penzle’s powerful reporting and analytic tools will capture data that can help you maximize the success of future campaigns.

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Target for Greater Results

Create more targeted email marketing campaigns for better results using segmentation tools. Leveraging contact data, slice and dice your lists to send the best and most relevant messages to specific groups.

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Collect Valuable Information

Utilize forms across your websites to collect valuable customer information. This could include newsletter subscriptions, event registrations, job applications, surveys, etc. Building forms in Penzle is as easy as drag and drop.

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Finally Deliver the Omnichannel Experiences You Envisioned

Increase your results and outpace your competitors by delivering personalized omnichannel marketing experiences today.

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