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Build Custom Apps That Stand Out

Every marketer’s dream content management system allows them to customize so their brand stands out among the rest. Penzle lets you tailor solutions to meet your needs using market-leading App Frameworks that can enhance workflows and minimize manual adjustments for your team.

Features for Fast, Modern and Dynamic Solutions

Building Blocks

Use data template fields to build a framework around which other items are built. Fields control how data is entered, streamlining the process and keeping things consistent.

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Organization of Features

Collections of features are combined into a module, providing role access restrictions and more.

Secure Your Work

Keep the security of your project in mind. Control access levels, track activity, and set password standards in alignment with company security policy.

Roll Call

You decide who has permission to do what - whether our out-of-the-box roles will do, or if you want to customize permissions further.

Role Governance

Ensure permissions are assigned and managed according to security policy.

Approvals and Publication

Allow work to run through a process of review and approval before it is published. You define these workflows according to your roles and needs.


Optimize Your Endpoint

Penzle works with traditional REST API or GraphQL, a read-only endpoint optimized for fast content delivery.

Organized and Resource-Oriented

Penzle’s Management API is organized around REST. It has resource-oriented URLs and indicates errors with HTTP response codes. JSON is returned with all API responses.


Problem Solved

Penzle understands that mistakes happen, so we have included roll-back functionality in our system. Restore to a prior version or pull deleted items from the trash bin - problem solved.

No Limits to Your Vision

If you envision building next-level personalized digital experiences, Penzle can help. Our platform is flexible, extendible, and API-first, and we allow any coding language or front-end framework to be applied.

Other developer benefits include:

  • Up to 10X faster development
  • Extend schema with new fields, no new versioned endpoints
  • Customize content fields
  • Deploy to any data center
  • Powerful API (Restful API, Web hooks & GrafqQL)
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Build Memorable, Dynamic Experiences

Penzle helps you build memorable personalized experiences by leveraging your content for a more significant impact. Dream it. Build it. Launch it.

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