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Grow Your FinTech Business With Penzle

FinTech companies like yours have been the catalysts to “cool” in the financial services industry, but are your own internal processes as forward-thinking as the solutions you sell? Penzle’s headless content management system (CMS) can provide you with the flexibility to grow your business and support future innovations.

An Innovation-Forward Solution

FinTechs are known for disruption, but building something from ground zero takes time. With Penzle’s headless CMS, you can disrupt faster with supportive and open web technology on your side.

Legacy infrastructures were not built to support innovation, but Penzle was. Here’s how we compare:

  Traditional CMS Penzle Headless CMS
Driven Hosting Target
Legacy CMS Self-hosted Web
API-first CMS SaaS with self-hosting options Web, App, Mobile, etc.

By 2025, according to Statista, Digital Payments category alone will have reached a total of 4,929.55 million active users worldwide.

Why a Headless CMS?

Personalized Marketing

Personalize your marketing efforts, making them smarter and stronger.

Distribution Channels

Push content to any channel you’d like using Penzle’s API, including website, applications or mobile.

Empower Developers

Developers can do their thing in a framework-agnostic environment.

Build It With Penzle

Flexible solutions to grow and support your business.

  • Websites - Build websites with greater flexibility.
  • Mobile Apps - Create mobile apps that engage users.
  • Landing Pages - Include landing pages in your next marketing campaign.
  • IoT Apps - Launch voice assistants and more to engage with customers in a new way.
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Dynamic Digital Experiences

It’s time for FinTech to go high-tech with Penzle Headless CMS. Our Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform will give you the technical opportunity to stretch your creativity and explore the limits of innovation.

  • Build dynamic digital experiences
  • Make connections via APIs
  • Manage content with ease
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